Jammu & Kashmir is popular as the paradise on this earth in our country because of its amazing and most charming beauty. It locates the state in the northern part near the western part of the Himalayan range of our country. Kashmir is the subject of dispute between Pakistan, China, and our country. It bound Jammu and Kashmir to the northeast by Uygur to the east by Tibet to the South by Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. The capital of this state is Srinagar in summer and Jammu in winter.

Most of the state is mountains, forests, rivers, and hilly area. The weather is pleasant in most of the part of this state and varies from one place to another. Jammu and Kashmir are familiar with Woodland of deodar cedar, Walnut, willow and elm tree.

The cultural, ethnic and linguistic composition of this state varies across the region. About two-thirds of the people obey to Islam religion and of the population obey Hinduism.

Kashmir is popular for the sericulture that is spread throughout the Jammu and Kashmir. The Vale of Kashmir produces an apple, chestnut, walnut, peach, almond and other dry fruits. The state earns massive revenue by exporting these fruits to foreign countries.

The beauty of this place is amazing and places to visit in Kashmir are endless that appeal to visitors from all over the world.


We know Srinagar as the “Paradise on the earth” lies on the bank of river Jhelum. Nobody can forget the stationary houseboat and “Shikara” on Dal lake that is not available anywhere. You can book these houseboats from the travel agents available on different price range. These houseboats will give you real enjoyment during your stay at Dal lake. You may enjoy a complete market on this lake as you see in the town that gives excitement.  Srinagar is the gateway to some remarkable garden of the Mugal age which you can enjoy.

Mughal Garden:

Another place to visit in Jammu & Kashmir is the Mughal garden, one of the most popular tourist destinations. This garden offers a treat for the visitors include a canal, fountain, and pools.

Nishat Bagh:

Nishat Bagh is another tourist place to visit in Srinagar which is famous for its amazing beauty lies near Dal lake filled with beautiful flowers and trees. The garden is photogenic and attracts newly wedded couples and the best place for shooting of the movie.

Char Chinar:

Chinar is the most popular tree near Dal lake. The color of the tree changes according to change in weather.

These trees are available on an island where you may go by houseboat.

Nehru Garden:

You can enjoy the real beauty of Dal lake from this garden a well-maintained garden and best places to visit in Jammu & Kashmir.


Pahalgam is the feast to the eyes with the untouched and gorgeous natural beauty of this place. You may enjoy the alluring ranges of Himalaya.

Jammu Tawi is the main railway station that connects this place to other cities. Srinagar is the nearest airport that connects other places.

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